Live from Liverpool: FELIX MUFTI - MDR

04.07.2021 Black Beacon Sound

Benny Maths: More Than Music Special
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  • J-POP

“Expect our show to be as eclectic as our roster, with everything from funk to techno, blues to disco, hip-hop to house, and everything in between tearing up the turntables."

Tune in each month as Benny Maths and Priminho take to our airwaves, promoting their independent record label. Drawing talent from the cracks of our modern day society, Black Beacon Sound is a label that hopes to introduce the artists we love to the listeners they deserve.

This month it's a 'More Than Music' Special, focusing on a collective of artists from Tokyo.


Shamanz – Shinpainai
Robert Taira Wilson – Blackbird
Paranoid Void – ある湖畔 (A Lake Shore)
Demsky – Save your Soul
Demsky – Powder
EOW – This is the Day
Tokyo Godfathers – 名もなき花 (feat.野村太一&植田大輔 from YellowStuds)
Josiah Hawley – Gonna Let You Go
Paranoid Void – ある湖畔 (A Lake Shore)
PeopleJam – One Step Closer
PeopleJam – Stay Home (Tommy Rework)
‘LITE x DÉ DÉ MOUSE– Samidare
LITE – Echolocation
Shamanz – 命の旅 (Journey of Life)
Palu – Limit
Demsky – Save your Soul
Entrada – I Wanna Give You Love
Kyoto Protocol – Nothing Lasts Forever
The Shamisenists – re: Tokyo
Slope Up Session Club – Mistake
Slope Up Session Club – Totemojanai
BO-PEEP – Power
Thatta – Come Into Me
Paranoid Void – ある湖畔 (A Lake Shore)
Mikkaitomiminari – スルースキルがない